Top 2 things that will help you survive a long flight

There is something charming in flying. It is an adventure. It is lovely to have the opportunity to travel over oceans in hours and to visit new continents, places, to get to know new cultures and so on. Travelling is curiosity and  is a machine more miraculous and more magical than any other. But as everything in life it is not as good as we would like it to be. Right there in the middle of the flight, on the middle seat of the middle row you are and what you crave for is no adventure, but your bug comfy bed and someone to cuddle with. You hate it, the plane, the flying and most of all the inconvenience that you have to go through even if you are travelling in the fancy first class, where the food is served in porcelain. This couple of things, however, may change your life.

Eye mask

You know that scenario you are just about to fall asleep and the lovely persona next to you decides that this is the perfect moment for reading a book. The light is on and you could not neglect it in any way. Yeah, you have that eye mask provided by the airline, but it so uncomfortable that makes sleeping so bad. Have one by yourself and sleep as long as you could.

Sound blocking ear plugs

You love kids. You really do. But that cute baby, who is crying for a whole eternity since the plane has departed, just drives you mad. And how could you save yourself, for God sake? Always have a sound blocking ear plugs for those cases, when a loud Italian family is sitting next you or a baby’s cry is torturing you.

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